Anticipation Builders: Three Ideas for Recurring Features

Nice, the wordpress team picked up one of my pictures as a header for one of their posts. And they gave proper attribution too 🙂

The Daily Post

Not sure why you’d want to add a recurring feature to your regular mix of posts? Our earlierposts on this topic will give you some background.

Late last year, Krista shared a few ideas for serial features — those recurring posts that help build a reading habit among your readers, and that can form the backbone of your editorial calendar. In case you just recently started your blog, or if you’re still shopping around for post ideas to adapt to your blog’s niche (if it has one), here are three more directions to explore.

Be a (friendly) parasite

One of the most natural ways to ease into a steady rhythm with your own posts is to write in response to something else that sets the pace for you. Why not make the most of the regular schedule of TV shows and podcast episodes, or real-life events like college courses and book club meetings?

You could write…

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    1. Thanks. Yes, most of the time, people don’t link back to the photo, or don’t mention my name, or just at the bottom with no link… Here they’ve done it right: link to the picture, link to my flickr, and Creative Commons licensing 🙂


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