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Weekly photo challenge: Fresh

This week’s photo challenge is Fresh. I originally thought about some pictures of the fresh fruits we get in the garden, but the only pictures of them I hadn’t already shown were… well… not so fresh anymore :). And when we came back from vacation, cherry time and gooseberry time was over already. Luckily, the hot weather called for opening one of the big cans of apple juice we got made last year with the apples from the garden. And at the end of the afternoon, when the light is not so harsh anymore, and the shadows start to stretch. Well, this made for a perfect refreshment :).

Le défi photo hebdomadaire de la semaine est Fresh (Frais). Au début je pensais vous montrer quelques photos des fruits frais du jardin, mais les seules photos que je ne vous avais pas déjà montré étaient… ben… plus très fraîches :). Et en rentrant de vacances, les cerises et groseilles étaient déjà finies. Coup de chance, la chaleur nous a incité à ouvrir un des bidons de jus de pomme qu’on a fait faire l’an dernier avec les pommes du jardin. Et à la fin de l’après-midi, quand la lumière n’est plus trop dure, et que les ombres commencent à s’allonger, c’était parfait pour se rafraîchir :).

Weekly Photo Challenge : Fresh
Weekly Photo Challenge : Fresh (1/800s, ƒ/2.8, ISO 100, 50 mm)

PS: as usual You can check the pingbacks and comments section over at the Daily Post for more interpretations of the theme 🙂

PS: Comme d’habitude vous pouvez aller voir la section pingbacks et commentaires du Daily Post pour plus d’interprétations du thème 🙂

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  1. You made your own apple juice? How cool is that? How do you do it??? Next fall, we need photo documented info. M’kay?


    1. “got made”, there’s a slight difference. We picked all our apples and brought it to a press in the city. They do the pressing and we get the juice a couple of days later, in sterilized jars (a bit more than 3L each, but less than a gallon). First year we did that, we had more than 100kg apples. Got 27 jars or so, I think :). I’ll try to document it next time, but this year’s harvest will be bad, probably…


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