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Project 52 #26: Hey ho! Let's go!

  • Road: 12h (with breaks), not bad
  • Internet: limited
  • Sea: A lot
  • Sun: Plenty
  • Back: On Sunday
  • Route: 12h (pauses incluses), pas pire.
  • Internet: limité
  • Mer: beaucoup
  • Soleil: à foison
  • Retour: Dimanche

6 thoughts on “Answer / Solution

  1. Ouéééééé des vacances 😀 Ma frangine (qui a habité à Trieste pendant 5 ans) adorait ce coin, elle disait que c’était magnifique!! Amusez-vous bien 🙂 Je me réjouis de voir tes photos.


  2. WONDERFUL!!!!!! Went to an entire exhibit about Trieste last year…..and about Claudio Magris. Fascinating. Made it onto my list of places to visit. I trust you brought a camera?


    • I did, but I didn’t go there for sightseeing, much. More to spend a week mostly really doing nothing, cut off from the temptation of being reachable by my work… 🙂


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