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There it is! / Elle est là!

After weeks of asking, it’s finally here! A slight, but real layer of snow!

Après des semaines à demander, elle est enfin là! Une légère, mais vraie couche de neige!


On another note, another mouse was released into the wild, and walked a bit on the frozen canal before going to hide under the bushes…

Sans transition, une autre souris a été relachée dans la nature, et a fait quelques pas sur le canal gelé avant d’aller se cacher dans les fourrés…

To boldly go where no mouse has ever gone before...

And it looks like the ice is thick enough so that animals start to venture on it 🙂

Et on dirait que la glace est assez épaisse pour que les animaux commencent à s’y aventurer 🙂

Jeu de pistes sur le canal

4 replies to “There it is! / Elle est là!

    1. This one was a she… I don’t know what happens to them. If they get eaten by a big bird, I’d think it’d be a more fitting end than killed by a trap or rat poison. In any case, close to the water and trees, with lots of cover for hiding and shelter from the cold, I think they have their chances…


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