It’s snowing in May! / Il neige en mai!

Imagine my surprise, on a bright and warm Spring morning, and the floor beneath the balcony is all white!

Imaginez ma surprise, en me levant un beau matin de Printemps, et le sol sous le balcon est tout de blanc vêtu!

Is it snowing?

And then, I get closer, and realize I’m still just a bit sleepy, and it’s not really snow :).

Et là, je me rapproche, et je réalise que j’étais juste un peu endormi, et que ce n’est pas vraiment de la neige :).

Is it snowing?

Rather, it’s a sign that the cherries are on their way. It’s nice, to be able to enjoy your own private cherry blossoms. I heard about the Cherry blossoms in Toronto, and High Park being invaded by mad photographers all the time during the bloom… And the sad thing is, I probably would have been tempted to complain too about the invasion, but I would also have been just as tempted to be one of them, spending a day trying to capture the magic of the moment.

C’est plutôt un signe que les cerises sont en route. C’est bien, de pouvoir profiter en privé des cerisiers en fleurs. J’ai entendu parler de la floraison à Toronto, et d’High Park envahi par les photographes fous tout le temps de la floraison… Et le plus triste, c’est que j’aurais sûrement été très tenté de me plaindre aussi de l’invasion, mais j’aurais été tout aussi tenté d’être l’un d’eux, passant la journée à essayer de capturer la magie du moment.


7 thoughts on “It’s snowing in May! / Il neige en mai!

  1. You got me!

    Lovely isn’t it though, all those blossoms, I’ve never gone to High Park for the cherry blossoms expressly, but I have been through when they were in bloom, it is lovely. Lovelier in your own garden though.

    I heard some Czech spoken today at a museum in BCN, I listened hard and thought of you. I could make neither heads nor tails of it, I assume you’re doing better. Sounds difficult.


    • It’s always better in one’s own garden. Thanks, but I’m not sure I could have done better. I don’t have time to take classes, so unless it was very basic stuff, neither could I have figured out anything from it :/


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