First signs of Spring? / Premiers signes du Printemps?

While others are boasting about wild asparagus, and going out to the beach, back home the swimsuits and lawnmower are still gathering dust. I was complaining that the canal didn’t freeze, but some ponds  nearby actually *did* freeze. How’s that for a “Spring is just a couple of weeks away?”

Tandis que d’autres se targuent de leurs asperges sauvages, et vont à la plage, dans mon chez moi les maillots et la tondeuse continuent de prendre la poussière. Je me plaignais que le canal n’avait pas gelé, mais certains étangs des environs ont *effectivement* gelé. Ça vous va dans le genre “le Printemps est à nos portes”?

Frozen pond near Zelčin

The ice didn’t seem thick enough (and there were no signs of people having skated there), so I didn’t try going (wouldn’t want to waste a still perfectly functional camera, now, would I?), but it sure was tempting.

La glace n’avait pas l’air bien épaisse (et il n’y avait pas de traces de patins non plus), donc je n’ai pas tenté de m’y aventurer (je vais pas non plus mettre en l’air un appareil photo en état de marche, quand même, si?), mais c’était bien tentant.

Frozen pond near Zelčin

And then, while walking around the village, a small ray of hope, better than a groundhog, led me to think that Spring will be back, eventually… In Czech, snowdrops are called sněženka.

Et là, en marchant dans le village, un petit rayon de soleil, plus fort que la marmotte, m’a laissé penser que le Printemps finira bien par revenir… En tchèque, perce-neige se dit sněženka.

Snowdrop / Perce-Neige / Sněženka


5 thoughts on “First signs of Spring? / Premiers signes du Printemps?

  1. In English, those are called Snowdrops, at least in my part of the English speaking world, and I think they have got to be my all time favourite flower, at least they are the flower I love most deeply when they appear. I have a couple of photos of the snowdrops that appeared in my garden from every year that we lived there. I also have photos of mud. I was so delighted to see EARTH and smell it! Ohhhhh some hope of life appearing again.

    So glad you shared!


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