Please show some respect to the miners / Un peu de respect pour les mineurs, svp.

On monday, I read an article about the Chile mine rescue progress in the International Herald Tribune. It was about the rescue hole being finished, with the next step being the rescue capsule. And the article then went on at length about the challenges still ahead, and the small size of the tunnel. That’s when the eyebrow-rising moment happened :

Lundi, j’ai lu un article sur les avancées du sauvetage des mineurs au Chili dans l’International Herald Tribune. Ça parlait du tunnel de sauvetage qui venait d’être terminé, et de la prochaine étape: la capsule de sauvetage. Et l’article continuait en long en large et en travers à propos des défis restant à relever, et de l’étroitesse du conduit. C’est là que l’instant magique arriva:

“The miners have been keeping their weight under control so they can fit in the capsule, which is about 53 centimeters, or 21 inches, wide and built with suggestions from the NASA team.”

“Les mineurs ont fait attention à leur poids afin de pouvoir entrer dans la capsule, qui fait environ 53 centimètres, ou 21 pouces, de large et est construite sur des suggestions de l’équipe NASA.”

Wait. What?! I had to re-read it twice. And turn around the newspaper to check I was not reading some tabloid instead. I didn’t manage to figure out whether the writer was trying to make a joke, in which case I think it was very much out of place, or if the writer was really serious, in which case I think someone needs a little reality check here…

Attendez. Quoi?! J’ai dû le relire deux fois. Et retourner la feuille de chou pour vérifier que j’étais pas en train de lire un tabloid à 2 francs à la place. Je n’ai pas réussi à savoir si l’auteur essayait de faire de l’humour, auquel cas je pense que c’était fort inapproprié, ou si l’auteur était tout à fait sérieux, auquel cas je pense que quelqu’un a besoin de redescendre sur Terre...


8 thoughts on “Please show some respect to the miners / Un peu de respect pour les mineurs, svp.

  1. The whole thing was most odd, but nonetheless, I am mostly delighted they are out. Good news indeed. I too wonder what on earth is going to happen to them now as they seem to be celebrities at this point. The media hype appears to have been most hysterical. I listened to a BBC announcer for a bit, but he was making me ill, the sappy garbage he was spewing.

    Glad their out. Finished.


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