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In front of the cat on a chair / Devant le chat sur la chaise

Last year, during oreneta‘s yearly trip back to TO, we were supposed to meet at the best place in Toronto where you can have Phở. For any French people, the very very very distinctive sign on this restaurant is the usurpation of the Laughing Cow.

L’an dernier, pendant le voyage annuel d’oreneta à TO, on devait se retrouver au meilleur endroit de Toronto pour manger du Phở. Pour tout français, le logo très très très distinctif du restaurant est usurpation de la Vache qui rit.

Laughing Cow logo, Phở Hung

But as it appeared to me, it may not be obvious to anyone. And while trying to give each other distinctive signs of the place I was talking about, oreneta starting talking about “the restaurant with a cat on a chair”. While I was saying “the restaurant with a big red laughing cow’s head on the sign”. And I completely didn’t know what she was talking about. And she didn’t know what I was talking about either. So we ended up with each other’s contact info, just in case, and the address.

Mais il m’apparut que c’était pas forcément évident pour tout le monde. Et alors qu’on essayait d’échanger des points de repères sur l’endroit en question, oreneta s’est mise à parler du “restaurant avec un chat sur une chaise”. Alors que je disais “le restaurant avec la grosse tête de vache qui rit rouge sur l’enseigne”. Et je ne voyais complètement pas de quoi elle parlait. Et elle ne voyait pas non plus de quoi je parlais. On a fini par se donner des informations de contact, au cas où, et l’adresse.

And while I was waiting (it was close to my work, I could get there quickly), there it was, nagging me, from way above my head:

Et alors que j’attendais (c’était près du boulot, je pouvais y aller rapidement), le voilà, me nargant, depuis loin au dessus de ma tête :

Cat on a Chair, in front of Phở Hung

No wonder I never noticed it before. I’m not looking *up* when I walk, but in front of me :p.

Ça ne m’étonne pas de ne jamais l’avoir remarqué. Je ne regarde pas *en l’air* quand je marche, mais devant moi :p.

4 replies to “In front of the cat on a chair / Devant le chat sur la chaise

  1. Hehehehehe, there is that laughing cow isn’t there. I wonder why laughing cows are such popular symbols, there is the cheese, but it is in so many places!

    I was there again this summer a couple of times. Like that food a lot. Not sure if it is the BEST pho in Toronto, but it has a good rep.

    Have you found a good pho place in Paris? Is your Mom’s the best?


    1. Laughing cows is a popular symbol as its emblematic of the brand of processed cheese, which is French, and all kids in France grew up with “Vache qui rit” in their pockets at least once. Easy to carry, doesn’t require refrigeration, it’s the best friend of the snack box. Many people in Vietnam liked the logo very much, and used it for themselves. The Bel cheese company who is making the Laughing Cow is frequently suing companies all over the world who use the Laughing Cow in their logos, as it is blatant copiryght infringement.


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