Little bit of respect / Un peu de respect

I’m living in a town which can easily qualify for “fallen bourgeoisie”, even though I don’t qualify. I got lucky in the apartment hunting, and there was this really cheap apartment, there had to be a trick to it, that’s all.

J’habite dans une ville que l’ont peut aisément qualifier de “prout prout”, même si je n’en suis pas. J’ai juste eu du pot dans la chasse aux apparts’, et il y avait cet appart’ vraiment pas cher, devait y avoir une arnaque, c’est tout.

Anyways, there’s a big park not far from there. And on a hot Saturday afternoon, you’d like to enjoy a refreshing walk under the trees. Unfortunately, when I tried to go there, I saw this:

M’enfin bon, il y a un grand parc pas loin de là. Et un beau Samedi après-midi, on aimerait profiter d’une promenade rafraîchissante sous les arbres. Malheureusement, quand j’ai essayé de m’y rendre, j’ai vu ça :

"Park Closed" announcement

It pretty much says:

Public Announcement:

Following the too abundant littering (picnics, …) found on the lawn and inside the Park, said Park will be closed today, all day. If this kind of pollution were to be seen again, more closing days may be considered.

Parks and Gardens.

At first, I was surprised. Were I from the fallen bourgeoisie, I would pride myself in the good education of both myself and my household. There would be no littering, as this would be too vulgar for the likes of me.

Au début, j’étais surpris. Si j’étais prout-prout, je me pavanerais à propos de la bonne éducation de moi-même et de ma maisonnée. Il n’y aurait pas de jonchage de détritus, puisque ce serait trop vulgaire pour mes semblables.

Apparently, I was mistaken. The sun is back, so everyone takes the opportunity to go to the park, have fun, play around, and litter like hell. And obviously, they don’t clean after themselves. Maybe they think that the park staff is also responsible for picking up the skin of their saucisson, and the shards of their broken wine bottles. And while it is true that the Parks and Garden folks are indeed responsible for maintenance of the park, and must strive to provide a wonderfully kept park, they’re not garbage collectors. Their work should be limited to mowing the lawn, cutting branches, arranging flowerbeds, watering, and eventually, emptying the trash and putting new trashbags in the bins.

Apparemment, j’avais tort. Le soleil est de retour, donc tout le monde en profite pour aller au parc, s’éclater, jouer, et joncher de détritus comme pas possible. Et de toute évidence, ils ne nettoient pas leurs merdes. Peut-être s’imaginent-ils que le personnel du parc est aussi responsable du ramassage de leurs peaux de saucisson, et des débris de verre de leur bouteilles de vin cassées. Et tandis qu’il est vrai que les gens des parcs et jardins sont responsables de l’entretien du parc, et doivent tendre à la présentation d’un parc agréablement entretenu, ce ne sont pas des éboueurs. Leur travail devrait se limiter à tondre la pelouse, tailler les arbres, arranger les parterres de fleurs, arroser, et accessoirement, vider les poubelles et remettre des sacs vides dans les corbeilles.

How much do you want to bet that the same people who did this also feigned deep concern after the movie Home was screened worldwide, and decided to vote “Europe Écologie” for the European elections two days later?

Combien vous voulez pariez que les coupables ont aussi feint d’être profondément touchés par la vue du film Home, et ont décidé de voter “Europe Écologie” pour les européennes deux jours plus tard?

8 thoughts on “Little bit of respect / Un peu de respect

  1. But this is Paris darling, where they chose to pay more taxes so that people would come and sweep the crap off the street because they cannot be bothered to toss it anywhere but behind them as they walk….

    just sayin’


  2. You MUST have to pay more taxes for all those people who are out every single morning, including Xmas, sweeping and washing down the sidewalks. It could not possibly be paid for with a normal garbage taxation scheme.


    • hmmm… After a quick lookup, that would be the “sweeping tax”, which is not specific to Paris, and can be applied to any city in France, and that people didn’t agree upon, it’s a hidden tax that is included in the dwelling tax, the tax you pay each year for the place you live in on Jan 1st. City council can unilaterally decide to tax for this, and the amount cannot exceed the amount of money paid to sweep the streets. Amount paid individually without people noticing it depends on how much “street length” you have in front of your apartment, divided by the number of people living in the building. So I don’t think people chose to pay more taxes. They probably don’t know they’re paying it, and if they did, they’d rather make an effort and save the money on the dwelling tax…


  3. Now we have a CAUSE!!!

    Awaken the French to this misjustice by their gov’t…all they have to do is stop littering, and they will pay less tax! SWEET! Think we can pull it off? ;-p


    • Hmmm… Not sure that would work. People who pay that tax also pay for the littering done by tourists. So even if locals stopped littering, the tax wouldn’t disappear. And then we’d end up with an angry mob going all French Revolution on us for having lied to them about getting rid of that tax.


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