IQ test / test de QI

The Classic IQ Test

My Result: Precision Processor

You’ve got a very experiential way of learning and a strong mathematical mind. You’re able to whittle even the most complex situation down to comprehensible component parts. In short, you have mastered the art and science of precision. That’s what makes you a Precision Processor.

Vous avez une manière très expérimentale d’apprendre et un esprit fortement mathématique. Vous pouvez décortiquer les situations les plus complexes en morceaux faciles à comprendre. En clair, vous avez maîtrisé l’art et la science de la précision. C’est ce qui fait de vous un Processeur de Précision.

For you, life is a series of equations. Your brain is naturally predisposed to intense mathematical acuity, and your understanding of numerical problems is unparalleled. It’s second nature for you to cut to the heart of an issue, so that you can discover quick solutions to problems while others get bogged down in unnecessary details.

Pour vous, la vie est une série d’équations. Votre cerveau est naturellement prédisposé à une acuité mathématique intense, et votre compréhension des problèmes numériques est inégalée. C’est une deuxième nature pour vous de trancher au coeur du problème, pour pouvoir découvrir des solutions rapides aux problèmes tandis que d’autres s’embourbent dans des détails inutiles.

One Precision Processor that comes to mind is the Greek philosopher-mathematician, Pythagoras. Pythagoras had a mind for numbers and, as such, could come up with previously unknown theories like his method for calculating the sides of a right triangle (a2+b2=c2).
You too, can use numbers to translate aspects of the world around you — something that doesn’t come easily to everyone. Your quick mathematical mind will allow you to communicate a variety of ideas to other people, so don’t keep it to yourself.

Un Processeur de Précision qui vient en tête est le philosophe-mathématicien grec, Pythagore. Pythagore avait la bosse des maths et, de fait, pouvait penser à des théories alors inconnues comme son théorème de l’hypothénuse (a2+b2=c2).
Vous aussi, vous pouvez utiliser les nombres pour traduire certains aspects du monde qui vous entoure — quelquechose qui ne vient pas facilement pour tout le monde. Votre esprit mathématique rapide vous permet de communiquer nombre d’idées aux autres, donc ne le gardez pas pour vous.

Precision Processors can apply their mathematical skills to any situation involving numbers. That’s a talent that will come in handy for everything from the workplace to splitting a bill 12 ways to converting foreign currency in your head. Others often look to you to do the math and luckily, you’re well equipped.

les Processeurs de Précision peuvent appliquer leurs compétences mathématiques à n’importe quelle situation numérique. C’est un talent qui s’avèrera utile, du lieu de travail à la division de l’addition par 12, à la conversion de devises dans votre tête. D’autres vous regardent souvent pour faire le calcul, et heureusement, vous êtes bien équipé.

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7 thoughts on “IQ test / test de QI

  1. Insightful Linguist

    You are gifted with the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind.

    La dee dah!


  2. But a really NICE math nerd…it would be interesting to take the test again, and give my employment info differently and a different postal code…I said I was in an economist/financial type working in the defense/space sector, though I still got a pretty teacher-y answer…I also gave the postal code for a high end neighbourhood…

    Nicest math nerd I know.


  3. Got the same response :
    Intéressant 😉

    You are gifted with the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind.

    Insightful linguists can take complex concepts and articulate them to just about anyone. You have a gift with words and insight into processes and the way people think. These talents enable you to explain things clearly to people. Helen Keller is a great example of an Insightful Linguist. Blind, deaf and mute, she was still able to put things together in her mind and to understand complex ideas. She could do that because she was able to conceptualize ideas internally. Though she could not literally see, she had the visual and spatial skills necessary to understand patterns on an abstract level. She learned to read, write and ultimately became a writer on issues of social justice.

    You have an uncanny ability to work your way out of sticky situations using your talent with words. Crossword puzzles, debates — you’re particularly well equipped to come out on top since you can read people well.

    Like Charles Dickens, your verbal skills go far beyond having a good vocabulary. Dickens’ genius was in the artful and descriptive way he crafted sentences. Also Dickensian, is your keen eye for detail and your adeptness for identifying the best way to express an idea based on your given surroundings and circumstances.

    Your ability to communicate your vision clearly will take you far. So enjoy being perceptive, and make the most of your abilities as an insightful linguist.


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