There are days like that… / Y a des jours comme ça…

I told you already about the people giving away coupons, free stuff, and everything, around Union Station, in the morning. Sometimes, it is pretty useless (like giving a bag of coffee even if you don’t have a coffee maker). And sometimes, it’s so nice that you wish it would be every day like that.
Je vous ai déjà parlé des gens qui refilent des bons de réduction, des trucs gratos, et tout, autour d’Union Station. Parfois, ça sert un peu à rien (genre un sachet de café filtre même quand vous n’avez pas de cafetière). Et parfois, c’est tellement chouette qu’on voudrait que ça soit tous les matins comme ça.
On my way to work, at the corner of the street, one guy was yelling “Free coffee over there!”, while giving away vouchers for said coffee brand. I think, free coffee? Even if canadian coffee is not my thing, let’s just have one on the go ;). And when I went there, I got one cup, a $1 voucher, and… a TTC Token! “Enjoy a free TTC Ride, compliments of …” w00t! Their campaign slogan was something like “Making your mornings feel a little better”. Well, even if it isn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had, you guys are welcome to do this again any time. Free Coffee! TTC tokens! Weeeeee!
En allant bosser, au coin de la rue, un gars criait “Café gratuit là-bas!”, tout en donnant des bons de réduc pour ladite marque de café. Je me dis, café gratuit? Même si je suis pas fana du café canadien, prenons-en un pour la route ;). Et quand j’y suis allé, je reçois une tasse de café, un bon de réduc d’1$, et… un jeton TTC! “Un voyage en TTC gratuit, avec les compliments de …” w00t! Leur slogan de campagne c’est un truc du genre “Rendre vos matinées un peu plus agréables”. Ben, même si c’est pas le meilleur café que j’aie jamais eu, vous pouvez réitérer l’opération quand vous voulez. Café gratos! Jetons TTC! Wouhouuuu!

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2 thoughts on “There are days like that… / Y a des jours comme ça…

  1. Little things like that can really make someone’s day…which is also good reason to remember to give them out as well….NICE. Canadian coffee is the absolute pits…yuck yuck yuck…if you ever go to Miami you have to try the Cuban coffee…I imagine you could get it in Cuba too. Best darned coffee I have ever tasted anywhere…though in the middle east it was pretty darned amazing too….mmmmmmmmmmm All you can say about Canadian coffee is that it is better than American coffee used to be, and maybe still is.


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