Chuck Norris Approved? / Approuvé par Chuck Norris?

When I got my luckage back in Toronto, a sticker had been put on it:

Quand j’ai récupéré ma valise à Toronto, un autocollant avait été mis dessus :

Screened by the TSA

The US government, in their constantly increasing paranoia, adds manual screening to the standard X-ray screening for checked luggage. Depending on the paranoia level of the moment, up to one out of two luggage are screened (no official figures to back it up, just personal experience).

Le gouvernement américain, dans leur paranoïa constamment grandissante, ajoute un contrôle manuel des bagages enregistrés en plus du contrôle aux rayons X de base. Selon le taux de parano du moment, jusqu’à une valise sur deux sont contrôlées (pas de chiffres officiels pour valider, juste mon expérience personnelle).

And of course, if you lock your luggage, the Transportation Security Admnistration will feel free to open it and manually check the contents. If you use any standard lock, it’s likely to be forced open, and here goes your luggage lock. That’s why some brands sell “TSA approved” locks, for which the TSA have master keys or something similar, enabling them to open it, and lock it back afterwards. Those locks have the logo of the TSA on it. So as you can see on the picture above, my luggage was opened, hand-checked by the TSA, and locked back. And I didn’t lose my lock in the process, since the lock has the little TSA logo on it.

Et bien sûr, si vous verrouillez votre valise, la Transportation Security Admnistration se gênera pas pour l’ouvrir et vérifier le contenu à la main. Si vous utilisez un cadenas normal, il est fort possible qu’il soit forcé, et adieu le cadenas. C’est pour ça que certaines marquent vendent des cadenas “certifiés TSA”, pour lesquelle la TSA a des passes ou un truc du genre, pour pouvoir ouvrir et refermer le bouzin. Ces cadenas ont le logo de la TSA dessus. Donc comme vous pouvez le voir sur la photo au dessus, ma valise s’est faite ouvrir, fouillée par la TSA, et refermée. Et j’ai pas paumé mon cadenas dans l’opération, vu que le cadenas comporte le petit logo de la TSA dessus.

Of course, those locks are twice as expensive as identical locks without the logo. What were you thinking? But if you got your luggage checked twice in your lifetime, then it’s worth it. Mine have already been, for example. But you know what that reminded me of?

Bien sûr, ces cadenas coûtent deux fois plus cher que des cadenas identiques sans logo. Vous croyiez quoi? Mais si vous vous faites vérifier votre valise deux fois dans votre vie, alors ça vaut le coup. C’est déjà le cas pour la mienne, par exemple. Mais vous savez ce à quoi ça m’a fait penser?

Mike Huckabee’s answer on securing the border: Chuck Norris!

La solution de Mike Huckabee pour sécuriser la frontière : Chuck Norris!


4 thoughts on “Chuck Norris Approved? / Approuvé par Chuck Norris?

  1. Where do you draw the line between privacy and public good…I am thinking maybe my own personal mental line is being crossed here. Then again, there have been bags opened and manual searching going on in all sorts of countries for years, though they were usually looking for something for their kid’s birthday, or something they could sell, at least the TSA guys didn’t steal your best shirt, or your watch…


  2. Oreneta, first time I got my luggage searched like that, I found a piece of paper from the TSA explaining why they were doing it. They’re at least honnest about the fact they’re doing it, and I hope that as an official government thing, there must be someone watching over the guy doing the manual search.

    They already screen almost all the contents of carry-on luggages, and that’s where I keep anything valuable. With me. With the war on terror, I think privacy is a luxury travellers to and from the US can’t afford anymore.


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