No comment / Sans commentaire

I was doing the groceries, the other day, and when I was about to take some dairy, I saw… I saw… Oh well, see for yourselves.

Je faisais les courses, l’autre jour, et quand j’allais prendre des laitages, j’ai vu… j’ai vu… Bah, jugez-en vous-même.

Tastes like Homo?

Tastes like Homo, eh?

À le même goût que l’Homo, hein?

10 thoughts on “No comment / Sans commentaire

  1. It is funny, we don’t even see it that way, we are so used to what it means as in the type of milk…it is pretty bizarre though now that you think about it.


  2. Orenata, I know, that’s what fresh eyes are for :). I had this interesting discussion about the word “sucker”. When I saw it for the first time, it was as an insult. I learnt much more later that it could mean “lollipop” as well. But now, whenever I hear the word, it’s not “lollipop” that comes naturally to mind 🙂


  3. Stéphane, it stands for “Homogenized Milk”. A type of milk that is processed so as to prevent the formation of cream in your milk. I didn’t see any in France, but I didn’t look very hard 😉


  4. C est domage le commentaire de l autre anonyme. Je trouve ton blog bien et j ai appris pas mal sur le systeme canaden dessus. Ce qui fait quand je suis arrive en une semaine j ai boucle mes procedures admin.


  5. Anonyme (2), bah, c’est le principe de la liberté d’expression, donc personellement je ne suis pas trop affecté. Merci pour ton commentaire, en tout cas, content que mon blog aie pu t’être utile :).


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